Commercial Transactions

We have made a number of enhancements to the Atsource entry screen to make it easier for Commercial Legal Professionals to enter an Atsource transaction with multiple lots. We queried our existing transaction database and determined that over 98% of all our transactions are single lot transactions. As a result, we surveyed our Financial Institution clients and asked them if having a maximum of two title searches per transaction was adequate. As it turns out, it is. Consequently, we have limited the number of title searches required to be loaded into a transaction to two searches. In addition to this we have made additional changes to the entry screen to assist Commercial type Legal Professionals who often have multi lot transactions. The following are some of the changes we made:

1.            We have changed the flow so that it only asks once per transaction the mode of title delivery (updated, fax or request Atsource to do a title search). Prior to the recent change, we asked this on every parcel entered.

2.            We have added a count of the number of parcels of land entered so that users can keep track and ensure they have entered the correct number.

3.            We have enabled a new feature that allow the user to copy the civic address and edit it if needed.

We believe this will significantly improve the experience for Commercial Legal Professionals. We are always interested in customer feedback, good or bad, and ask that you drop us an email or phone customer service if you have any comments or questions.